What's included in a nutritional consultation:

  • Assessment of your present diet for deficiencies and excess
  • Review of health history and recent blood work
  • Customized meal plan based on your unique biochemistry
  • Shopping list
  • Recipes
  • Educational materials suited to your needs and goals
  • Smart supplement planning
  • Complete body comp analysis
  • Customized meal plan based on your individual lifestyle
  • Educational materials based on your particular needs
  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Assessment for nutrition supplements
  • Weekly communication via phone or e-mail to help you stay on track!

Why it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off?

There are many reasons in addition to diet as to why individuals cannot lose weight. Jo has had extensive training in finding the root causes of this and has treated the most difficult cases.

Areas that may contribute to weight gain:

  • Hormonal issues
  • Thyroid problems
  • Stress and high cortisol
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor digestion
  • Toxins
  • The wrong exercise or Vitamins mineral deficiencies

Are you frustrated with your health? Not able to lose weight despite trying every diet? Have “normal” labs but still not feeling well? Want a more natural way to lower cholesterol and elevated blood sugar? Having issues with your digestion? Jo can help. Schedule a consultation today!

Using natural, non-invasive ways to including diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements to help you lose weight and achieve more optimal health.

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