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Our goal is to remove the barriers to your weight loss by determining why you gained the weight in the first place. Utilizing the latest medical breakthroughs and natural therapies, we will help you lose weight safely and effectively by using the latest FDA approved weight loss medications, natural weight loss supplements and hormones. We have nutritional counseling by an experienced registered dietitian and a personal fitness trainer to design a program specifically for your need.


Part of your initial work- up will include a comprehensive history and physical, detailed laboratory evaluation, medication review, metabolic rate testing to give you the exact measurement you need to succeed in dieting. Also there is a polar body age fit testing to assess your overall fitness and the areas that may need more attention. There is full cardiac testing for those who may need. It is possible that some patients may need other modalities of treatments to aid in their successful weight loss such as psychotherapy or acupuncture.


Watch Dr. Blenner's interview on "What is a Healthy Weight?"

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