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The following links are listed by Dr. Deborah Blenner to provide you with additional online health care information and medical resources.

St. Catherine's of Siena Home page As a courtesy, the following are links to websites operated by other parties regarding medical and health-related topics that may be of interest to you. You should note that the resources found on these internet sites are not comprehensive medical texts and do not include all of the potential information regarding a particular subject matter. Therefore, they should never be relied upon as a substitute for the care and treatment by a health care professional. Please note that these websites are not endorsed or spnsored by this practice. Use of these websites is strictly at your own risks, including, but not limited to, any risks associated with harmful computer viruses. 

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network 
Medline Plus - Allergies 
WebMD Overview on Allergies 

Avoiding Seasonal Sickness: 
Amazon Literature 
Center for Disease Control 
Do It Yourself 
Vacation Travel 

American Cancer Society – Information & Resources 
Cancer News and Articles 
National Cancer Institute 
WebMD Overview on Cancer 

American Diabetes Association - Symptoms 
Medical News Today 
Medicine Net – Overview 
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse 
WebMD Overview on Diabetes 

Fitness Online 
Free Fitness Tips 
Science Daily 

Geriatric Health: 
AGS Foundation 
American Academy of Family Physicians 
American Geriatrics Society 
Center for Excellence in Aging and Geriatric Health 
Get Palliative Care 

Heart Disease: 
Center for Disease Control 
EMedicine Health 
Mayo Clinic 
New York Times – Coronary Heart Disease 
WebMD Overview on Heart Disease 
WebMD Symptoms & Types 

Journal of the American Medical Association
The New England Journal of Medicine 

Living Well: 
Center for Disease Control 
Mayo Clinic  

Food and Drug Administration 
Medline Plus 

American Society for Nutrition 
Natural Foods Market  
SELF Nutrition Data 

Medical Organizations: 
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 
American Board of Internal Medicine 
American Board of Medical Specialties 
American College of Physicians 
American Heart Association 
American Medical Association 
World Health Organization 

Men’s Health: 
Center for Disease Control 
Medline Plus 
Men’s Health Magazine 
Men’s Health Network 

Newborn and Infant Health: 
Infant Baby Newborn 
Mayo Clinic 
Medline Plus 
The Learning Community 

Skin Health: 
Health Castle
Mayo Clinic 

Stress Reduction: 
Balancing The Executive Life 
Reduce Stress Now  
The Stress Institute 

Weight Management: 
Medicine Net 

Women’s Health: 
National Women’s Health Information Center 
Medline Plus Women’s Health 
Women’s Health Magazine 

Assisted Living:

Making the Move to Assisted Living 
Senior Health Resources 
Boomer's Roadmap to Aging in Place 
Moving Tips for Seniors 
Guide to Senior Nutrition 
Financial Resources for Seniors 
Veterans Benefits for Seniors 
Legal Planning for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Seniors and Their Families:
Making the Move to Assisted Living
Senior Health Resources
Boomer's Roadmap to Aging in Place
Moving Tips for Seniors
Guide to Senior Nutrition
Financial Resources for Seniors
Veterans Benefits for Seniors
Legal Planning for Alzheimer's and Dementia

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